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IEEE Societies are your local link to the valuable resources in the San Diego Area.  IEEE Society members stay technically current, network with colleagues locally and abroad, and collaborate on research and projects with leading experts. Discover which Society, or Societies, best match your technical interests 

Each societies have at least 2 events per year, some having  regularly monthly events.  Check the calendar and/or reach out to the society chair for more information.  All are open to IEEE members and the technical community. 

Enrich your personal and professional growth by attending one of the many IEEE society meetings in the San Diego area.  

 Society & Chapters – 2021

  Name Contact Info
Aerospace & Electronic Systems Chair

Stephen Stubberud

Matthew Granato

Antennas & Propagation, Solid State Circuits, Microwave Theory and Techniques, Electron Devices, Circuits and Systems Chair Jeff Jian Feng Shi  
Broadcast BTS Chair Manuel Guzman  
Communications Chair Upkar Dhaliwal  
Computer Chair

Naveed Qazi

Charlie Bird (vice chair)

Computational Intelligence Chair Doug Evans  
Consultants Network Co-Chair Al Ramirez    
  Co-Chair JP Tenore  
Consumer Technology Chair    
Control Systems Chair  Lai Xu  
EMC Chair Gabriel Alcala  
Eng Medical Biology Chair Bruce Wheeler  
Electronic Packaging (form. CPMT) Chair Paragkumar Thadesar  
Industrial Applications Chair    
Information Theory Chair    
Magnetics Chair

Vitaliy Lomakin

Jose Vargas

Power Electronics Chair Song Lee  
Power & Energy Chair Fred Raddatz  
Product Safety Engineering Chair Bansi Patel  
Photonics Chair Paul De La Houssaye  
Oceanic Engineering Chair    
Reliability Chair Richard Doyle  
Robotics & Automation Chair Fred   
Signal Processing Chair Gerald Gerace   
Vehicular Technology                        Chair