Nominations Committee – 2022 Results

Congratulations to the elected officers for 2022!

Chair, VP’s, and Members-at-Large   

Chair Michelle Thompson
Vice Chair of Publicity  
Vice Chair of Programs Doug Evans
Secretary Lai Xu
Treasurer Hua Zhu
Members At Large: William V. Torre
  Terry Hache
  Kathleen Kramer
  Gabriel Alcala
  Theresa Burke
  Larry Hamerman
  Dick Doyle
  Upkar Dhaliwal

Society / Chapter Chairs:

AES Chair Stephen Stubberud Matthew Granato
AP/CAS/ED/MTT/SSC Chair Jeff Jian Feng Shi
Broadcast BTS Chair Manuel Guzman
Communications Chair Upkar Dhaliwal
Computer Chair Naveed Qazi
Computational Intelligence Chair Doug Evans
Consultants Network Co-Chair Al Ramirez  
  Co-Chair JP Tenore
Consumer Technology Chair  
Control Systems Chair  
EMC Chair Gabriel Alcala
Eng Medical Biology Chair Bruce Wheeler
Electronic Packaging (form. CPMT) Chair Paragkumar Thadesar
Industrial Applications Chair  
Information Theory Chair  
Magnetics Chair Vitaliy Lomakin/Jose Vargas
Power Electronics Chair Song Lee
Power & Energy Chair Fred Raddatz
Product Safety Engineering Chair Bansi Patel
Photonics Chair Paul De La Houssaye
Oceanic Engineering Chair  
Reliability Chair Richard Doyle
Robotics & Automation Chair Fred
Signal Processing Chair Gerald Gerace 
Vehicular Technology                        Chair  

Affinity Group Chairs   

Life Member Co-Chair John Kroon
Young Professional Chair  
Women In Engineering Chair Theresa Burke