Section By-Laws

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.  San Diego Section Bylaws

Nothing in these Bylaws is to be construed as contrary to the IEEE Bylaws, Constitution, or published interpretation of policy.

ARTICLE I. Name and Territory

Sec. 01 This organization shall be known as the San Diego Section of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Sec. 02 The territory of the San Diego Section, as approved by the Regional Activities Board, includes the following: all cities and unincorporated areas within the limits of San Diego County in the State of California.

ARTICLE II – Officers

Sec 01 The elected officers of the Section shall be the Section Chair, the Section Vice-Chair for Publicity, the Section Vice-Chair for Programs, the Section Secretary, and the Section Treasurer. These are also the officers of the Executive Committee (ExCom).

Sec. 02 The term of office shall be one year.

Sec. 03 The terms of office will begin on 01 January, but in any case the outgoing officers will continue until their successors are duly elected and take office.

Sec. 04 Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled by a majority vote of the ExCom.

Sec. 05 The duties of the elected officers shall be as described in the IEEE Bylaws and in the Section Operations Guide.

Sec. 06 The consecutive period of service in any one office shall not exceed three years except when approved by the Regional Director and the Regional Activities Board.

ARTICLE III – Standing Committees

Sec. 01 The Standing Committees of the Section will be as follows:

  • 1.1 Publicity Committee

  • 1.2 Membership Development Committee

  • 1.3 Finance Committee

  • 1.4 Awards Committee

  • 1.5 Tellers Committee

  • 1.6 Nominating Committee

  • 1.7 Education Committee

  • 1.8 Legislative Affairs Committee

  • 1.9 Student Branch Affairs Committee

  • 1.10 Programs Committee

  • 1.11 Professional Activities Committee

Sec. 02 The Chair of the Publicity Committee will be the Section Vice Chair for Publicity. The Chair of the Programs Committee will be the Section Vice Chair for Programs. All other Chairs of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the ExCom, and their terms will expire on 31 December.

Sec. 03 Each Committee Chair will appoint his/her committee members with the approval of the ExCom, and their terms will expire on 31 December.

Sec. 04 Duties of the standing Committees will be generally as described in the IEEE Sections Operations Guide and the San Diego Section Operations Guide.

ARTICLE IV – Management

Sec. 01 The management of the Section shall be by the ExCom which shall consist of the elected officers, the Junior Past Chair, eight elected Members-at- Large, and one representative officer from each San Diego chapter of a duly recognized Society of the IEEE.

Sec. 02 A quorum of the ExCom is eight.

Sec. 03 A quorum of the ExCom shall be present in order to conduct business.

Sec. 04 Meetings of the ExCom ordinarily will be held monthly except July and August. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by a request of any three members of the ExCom. Advance notice of all meetings shall be given to all ExCom members. In order to transact business at a Section meeting, the same advance notice must be given to all ExCom members.

Sec. 05 The time and place of regular ExCom meetings shall be established by a majority vote of the ExCom.

Sec. 06 ExCom meetings shall be chaired by the ranking Section officer in attendance. Non-voting members attending ExCom meetings shall only participate to the extent permitted by the meeting Chair.

Sec. 07 The fiscal year of the Section shall be the calendar year.

ARTICLE V – Nomination and Election of Officers and Members-at-Large.

Sec. 01 A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chair by 15 July with the approval of the ExCom. It shall consist of three or more Section members, not then officers of the Section.

Sec. 02 The nominations of the Nominating Committee will be announced to the Section membership in the September Bulletin and, following this, a minimum of twenty-eight days allowed for additional nominations by petition. To be valid the petition must be signed by 25 or more voting members of the section. Nominations may also be presented to the ExCom by any member of the Section, and after having received a majority vote will be added to the nomination list. Nominations for petition are due by October.

Sec. 03 Election will be by ballot mailed to the membership by 05 November to be returned by 30 November when the election will be held. The vote will be counted by a Tellers Committee appointed by the Section Chairman, and reported to the ExCom at the December meeting.

Sec. 04 A plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election.

Sec. 05 All election results will be published in the January BULLETIN.

Sec. 06 The ExCom shall submit nominations for the office of Regional Director and candidates for service on Institute Committees and Boards.

ARTICLE VI – Finances

Sec. 01 All expenditures of Section funds will be submitted to the Section Treasurer for reimbursement in accordance with the Section budget or ExCom approval.

Sec. 02 Without prior authorization of the IEEE ExCom, Section funds derived from National can be used only for normal operations of the Section.

Sec. 03 The Section Officers shall be authorized to draw funds as approved by the ExCom.

ARTICLE VII – Amendments

Sec. 01 Proposals for new Bylaws or amendments to these Bylaws may originate in the ExCom or by a petition signed by 5% or more of the Section members.

Sec. 02 Proposed Bylaws or amendments must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the ExCom members present and voting in two meetings not less than twenty days apart and shall be published in the BULLETIN prior to the second vote.


Sec. 01 A petition to establish a Chapter must contain the following:

  1. Name of the Section

  2. Name of the sponsoring Society

  3. Name of the organizer (Interim Chair)

  4. Signatures of at least twelve IEEE members, other than student members, who are members of the Society and the San Diego Section.

  5. Information on Section members who indicate they will join the Chapter, if established.

Sec. 02 The petition for a Chapter shall be submitted to the ExCom for written approval and forwarded with this written approval to the IEEE General Manager. When approved, the organizer will be notified.

Sec. 03 A Chapter shall be required to maintain a membership of not fewer than ten members, other than student members, and to hold not less than two technical meetings per year, or a level acceptable to the Regional Director and the Society President.

Sec. 04 The responsibility for Chapter management shall rest with the Section which shall have control of all financial and other assets of the Chapter. The Section shall receive all meeting allowances and credits.

Sec. 05 A Chapter may schedule a technical meeting only if it has received prior approval of the ExCom.

Sec. 06 All Section members shall be advised of all Chapter meetings.

Sec. 07 All Chapter officers shall be elected annually as provided in the Chapter Bylaws, if any. The consecutive period of service in any one office shall not exceed three years except when approved by the Society President, the Regional Director and the Regional Activities Board. Names of newly elected officers shall be reported to IEEE Headquarters within twenty days following election.

Sec. 08 It is required that the Chair of each Society Chapter, or a delegate, attend at least one ExCom meeting during the year. This should be the February budget meeting.

Sec. 09 Reimbursement of Chapter expenses by the Section is dependent upon the receipt of a Chapter meeting report, advance publication in the BULLETIN of any technical meetings, and appropriate receipts.

Sec. 10 It is required that all Chapters report their financial activities during the year. This report must reach the Section Treasurer by 30 January.

ARTICLE IX – General

Sec. 01 The ExCom may adopt such rules and regulations as may be found necessary or convenient for the government of the Section, but no such rule or regulation shall be adopted which conflicts with these Section Bylaws, the IEEE Constitution, or IEEE Bylaws. The Secretary shall keep a separate record of such rules and regulations and have them available for reference at meetings of the ExCom and of the Section.

Sec. 02 Rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the Section in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws, or rules of the Section.

Sec. 03 Any officer or member of the ExCom may be removed for cause by the ExCom at any meeting of the ExCom upon the vote of at least seventy-five percent of the total membership of the ExCom, provided that a motion to that effect shall have been made at a similar meeting not less than twenty days before, and provided that a copy of such motion together with a statement of charges shall have been delivered forthwith to the officer or member in question. Such officer or member shall have the right of defense before the ExCom.

Sec. 04 No Officer or representative of the Section shall have any authority to contract debts for, pledge the credit of, or in any way bind the IEEE for those activities specifically prohibited in the IEEE Bylaws or published interpretation of policy.

Sec. 05 The BULLETIN shall be mailed to the Regional Director and IEEE Headquarters.

Sec. 06 These Bylaws become effective 23 January, 1996

These Bylaws were approved in accord with ARTICLE VII – Amendments, by the San Diego Executive Committee.

IEEE San Diego Section Bylaws – 23 January, 1996